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Good Day Everyone,

I have an set of data where if my motor Status column is abnormal I need to pull last 6 months condition of motor . Please help me out on this scenario
kindly request to have an look an the excel file on motor abnormal column I need to work


could you give a more detailed desciption of your requirements?
Do you have any particular problem with them in KNIME? :thinking:

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Hi @SABAREESHS37 , I don’t understand what defines “motor Status column is abnormal”.

In addition to what @AnotherFraudUser is asking, can you also provide some example of data being “abnormal”, and what the expected results should be?

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Yes sure
we have an column motor category and motor status when the value on column megger M-Ohms value is less than 500 we are getting the motor status as abnormal
when we get abnormal on any one motor the motor name should me mention on the motor abnormal column and to check that last month status we need to mention motor name for last 6 months on motor abnormal column
this is used for tableau purpose .

Hi @SABAREESHS37 , thank you for the additional information.

I have a few questions:

  1. Based on what you explained, what is the reason for line 6 to have something in the Motors_Abnormal column? Line 6 has 507 as Megger M-0hms, which is > 500.
  2. What about the rows where the Megger M-0hms are empty? Are these considered as abnormal as well?
  3. There are several columns, but you specifically mentioned the motor category and the motor status (which I assume is in fact the Motor Category Status, since I cannot find motor status column), what are their use in the rule? So far you have mentioned only the fact that we would get the motor status as abnormal if the megger M-0hms is < 500.
  4. Should we rely on the Megger M-0hms being < 500, or should we rely on the Motor Category Status where it says “Abnormal”? Is the Motor Category Status part of the input data, or do we need to determine this value based on the Megger M-0hms?
  5. “we need to mention motor name for last 6 months on motor abnormal column”. Where do we find this data?
  6. What is the reason that line 37 that has 482 Megger M-0hms, which is < 500, has “Normal” in the Motor Category Status? Should this not be “Abnormal” instead?
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Bruno megger reading if its greater than 500 is normal and for missing value as of now datas are not available the cells are empty

that data can be found on motor identity colmn where the motor names can be seenactual file.xlsx (1.4 MB)

thisis data of an 2 vessels mentioned where we are doing prediction and applying certain rules to create an dashboard at tableau
exactly to say bruno we have 3 column stating megger M-Ohms and vibration status RMS Value (DE and NDE SIDE) where these 3 factor affect the condition of motor if any one factor is not in condition such as megger reading is <500 is abnormal and for RMS value if its any one is more than 4.5 is abnormal
to find the behaviour of the motor where its getting faultly frequently we are pulling out the last 6 months reading whether its working in normal or abnormal condition

Hi have you tried to build any workflow so far?
best regards

Nope daniel this is only issue need to be resolved from an end

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