Need to run web script that requires user input, and xpath data back to KNIME

As part of a workflow to work with Google oAuth 2.0, I need to run a web script that requires user input from mouse/keyboard to log into an account, confirm and generate a token. The web script is publicly accessible, and generates the token and prints it out in plain text in a browser window for the user to copy/paste. 

Is there a quickform element or other node I can use in a workflow designed to run on KNIME server that would prompt the user to run the script, and then have access to the resulting output HTML to convert to XML so that user never has to copy/paste the token and it can be used in the KNIME workflow and then stored securely? 

Thanks! - C

Hi C,

A fairly involved problem, this one of yours! :)

Perhaps you could target an iframe with your token generation script, and monitor with JavaScript when the iframe is re-rendered, so that you can catch the moment at which to capture the iframe contents back?

Not sure if the "Generic JavaScript view" node supports such shenanigans... It's a high-level idea without code I'm afraid, and not proven to be workable, but who knows?