Needed a rows that have duplicated on all input columns


         I am working on a table which contains id(string), length(numerical) and path(string). I have the condition like if the row with same id, length and path replicated means i should print it. For all other conditions like

1) Same id with same length and different path

2)same id with different length and same path there is no error.

For example, i am writing the table here

ID(string)  Length(Number)        Path(String)

AAA            132645                        AA.ZZ

AAA            132645                        AA.ZZ

AAA             132645                       AA.YY

AAA             132647                       AA.YT

BBB           132649                          AA.ZZ

BBB            132649                        AA.ZZ

BBB            132649                        AA.YY

BBB            132649                       AA.YT


Expecting output:

ID       Length      Path       Error

AAA   132645    AA.ZZ       YES

BBB   132649  AA.ZZ         YES

I hope that by using Group by node i could solve it. But am finding somewhere difficulty to implement in Knime(I am new to this tool). Please find me some logic so that i could able to achieve my answer in a simple way.

If your table only as the three columns you mention, you will need to add a dummy extra column first with constant value column node.

Now Use the group by node by grouping on ALL three columns, Id length and path, and in the options tab for aggregate, choose the dummy column and choose to aggregate by method count.

Now use a row filter and choose to filter on the count column to only keep values of 2 or more. 


Hi Simon,

                      Thanks for your reply. i will surely try it and update my outcome.

Hi Simon,

                        I got my required output and thank you so much for your help.