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Can anyone can show me how to convert or the conversion of the excel nested if functions to Knime. Please find below snip shot. Basically Im comparing two different dates. T2 is the done date and I2 is due date.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @fair_man24 ,

I think in Column Expressions, this would be an equivalent:

doneDate=column("DONE DATE") // assume date column
dueDate=column("DUE DATE") // assume date column
dueDateMinus1 = plusTemporal(dueDate, periodOfDays(-1))

if (doneDate != null) {
    if(dueDate<=doneDate) {
      "EXCEED" }    
    else if(dueDateMinus1  >= doneDate ){
      "WITHIN" }        
else if (dueDate <= today()) {
    "EXCEED" }
else if (dueDateMinus1  >= today() ) {
   "WITHIN" }


Thank you so much again for helping me with my query. It functioning correctly based on the set conditions. Again thank you so much this is the 2nd time you helped me today.

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