nested loop problem


I´m trying to use a column loop over a generic loop. Generic loop for only one column works. Has anyone an idea how it can be looped over several columns?

Joe test nested loops.knwf (34.5 KB)

Hello @JWave,

Do you simply want to loop over each column and get the prediction? If yes, then I adjusted your workflow to do that. Have a look here: test nested loops.knwf (32.5 KB)

If you want to do something else, could you please explain a little bit more what you exactly try to do? Then I would be happy to help you. :slight_smile:


Hello @janina,

thanks for reply. Your adjustments are quiet simple, but what i actually want to do is a little bit more complicated.
I summarized and annotated these workflow by myself. Hope it is easier to understand now.
My intention is to check if calibration fullfils the criterion Correlation value >0.99. If not then delete higher successively until correlation value >0.99. This procedure should be looped over several columns.

Joetest nested loops.knwf (53.5 KB)

Hallo @JWave,

Thanks for your workflow annotations. They were very helpful. I think in your generic loop you are missing a Math Formula (Variable) node. This node can be used to reduce the number of rows for each iteration. As you state you want to reduce the number of rows until your criteria of correlation value > 0.99 is fulfilled. I additionally replace your Rule-based Row filter with a regular Row Filter node, because in the regular Row Filter node you can simply filter by the RowID.
I attached the adjusted workflow for you here: test nested loops_2.knwf (54.9 KB)

Please let me know if this solves your problems or if there are more issues that I may have missed.



Hello @janina.

workflow works, thank you so much for your help! I was already close to despair…

Best regards,


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