Nested Loops HELP!!


is there a way to build a workflow with a loop in the loop, or some kind of workaround?

I tried extracting the outer maxIterations and currentIterations to a table and saving them under another name before the inner loop starts and finally reinjecting them after the inner node has quit...didnt work?!

Anybody have any clue, I am desperate!



hm it is no problem to nest loops in knime. in each outer iteration the complete inner loop is then executed. you know how to handle the flow vars? u can repoint to a column or a row by these vars. for iterations there are possibilities to use the rows (for each rows) or use an interval etc. I wrote a node to iterate by column if you need that.

You don't need to save the outer iteration count since the outer loop nodes do that for u.

Maybe you can add an example workflow somewhere and I can take a look in what you did. I don't have much time right now but will find some..