Nested Loops with Interval Loops (Flow Variables)

I have a question concerning the creation of nested loops. Happily I realized the existence of the “Interval Loop”-Node after activating the expert mode of KNIME. Then I tried to create a nested loop (a loop with two flow variables), but I couldn’t do that, because the loop variable was overwritten by the other “Interval Loop”-Node. Is there some way to solve/bypass my problem?
To do something like this in KNIME:
for (a=0;a!=10;a++) {
for (b=0;b!=10;b++) {
Thank you very much.
Best regards.

Hi Malte,
I assume, you have the problem with the variable ‘currentIteration’ which is generated by the outer and inner Loop Start node. The only way - I know about - right now is to rename the variable by extracting it before you enter the inner Loop Start node, e.g. using the Extract Variables (Data), Variable To TableRow, Rename, TableRow To Variable and Inject Variable (Data) nodes. Hope this helps?
Best, Thomas

Hi Thomas.
Thank you very much for you answer. Your explanation works perfectly for me.
Anyhow, I hope that in some time where will be a more compact procedure to handle nested loops. This feels a little bit cumbersome.

But for me it is perfect for the moment.
Thanks again.
Best regards.