Nested Wrapped Metanodes in 3.7 for

Hello everybody,

I love the nested wrapped metanode feature in the new version! But it seems to be not working (for now?) in Wrapped Metanode Dialog - there is still just the highest level of the form nodes available - see below. Am I doing something wrong or it is not supported yet or will never be?

Thank you in advance for your response!

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Hi David,

Prior to KNIME 3.7, you could not use the Node Usage and Layout editor to enable / disable / rearrange the views provided by nested Wrapped Metanodes. With KNIME 3.7, you can. That said, the hierarchy of nested Wrapped Metanodes is not flattened. Therefore, if you have an outer metanode containing one or more nested / inner metanode(s) and you want to change the layout of one of the inner metanodes, you’d still have to open the Node Usage and Layout editor from the inner metanode.

Using the example of the screenshot you provided, the Wrapped Metanode “test1” would not have been displayed in the Node Usage and Layout editor in KNIME 3.6.*. It is shown in KNIME 3.7 however and can therefore be disabled / moved around. However, to change the layout of visual components of the “test1” metanode, you’d still have to open the Node Usage and Layout editor from within the “test1” metanode.

I hoped this helped :slight_smile:



Hi Marc,

thank you for the response. This is clear and expected, at least I think :). I was probably not clear enough when writing my question, sorry for that.

I am interested in Wrapped Metanode Dialog, i.e. to see the quickforms nodes options also from the lower level wrapped metanode(s) in the dialog for the highest level wrapped metanode (accessible via doubleclicking on the wrapped metanode).

Please, find example workflow with one wrapped metanode (“Metanode - 1st level”) with 3 levels of wrapped metanodes in total. Ideally I would love to get the form covering all wrapped metanodes when double clicking on the “Metanode - 1st level” - i.e. inclusing “Metanode - 2nd level” and “Metanode - 3rd level”.

3.7.0 version nested metanode test.knwf (17.3 KB)

The reason for that is re-use of lower level wrapped metanodes (e.g. “Metanode - 2nd level”) in multiple wrapped metanodes similar to “Metanode - 1st level”. This is in line with the comments to the 3.7 version release I think (link) - “…This allows you to build up a library of wrapped metanodes that contain useful linked views and then easily assemble them to create complex views for visualizing and interacting with datasets…”. From what I undestand, this is now possible only for the Web Portal Wrapped Metanode View. Or am I missing here something?

I hope I have made myself clearer this time :). Thank you again!