Network Mining Cytoscape plugin

Hi everybody,


will there be an update of the KNIME cytoscape plugin for cytoscape version 3.x?




Hi Jonas,

we plan to release a plugin for Cytoscape 3.0 in the first half of next year.




Great and thanks for your great work.

Do you always plan to release the plugin ?


Hi Jacques,

yes I still plan to release the plugin. However I can not tell you when since it is has a low priority. If you are familiar with the new Cytoscape API and interested in helping me with the implementation please let me know.



Hi Tobias, 

Apart from that, the available plugin for Cytoscape ( is not available on the new app store of Cytoscape (version 3.2.1). Also, the plugin cannot be imported anymore (missing version info). Did you deposit a new app elsewhere?

Do you plan to update the connector?

Thank you,



Hi Jens,

yes we still plan to update the connector. However it is more work than expected since the complete API as well as the development infrasturcture has completly changed. Thus to convert the existing plugin to Cytoscape 3.0 requires several days. So far I managed to setup the development environment but struggle with the new API. I will continue with the development as soon as I have some time left. Unfortunately I do not think that this will be the case in the near future.




what is the last Cytoscape version currently supported?



It seems that the plug-in is no going to happen.

I'm on right about that?



unfortunately I couldn't find any time yet and it also looks like that this will not change in the near future. Sorry about that. However KNIME is open source so if you or anyone else is interested in updating the existing plugin I'm happy to provide the right pointers to the corresponding plugins in KNIME to get you started.