Network Mining - Network Reader issue

Hi I have been using the example worfklow (01201002_partitionAnalysisSchoolsWiki).

However, it takes along time (> 1 hour) for the network reader node to read in the data. Once its complete, if I save the workflow and then shut down KNIME, the next time I come to load KNIME it hangs during the loading process where it says "Loading Workbench".

I've left this for hours and still stays in hanging mode saying "Not Responding".

Is there a bug or issue.

I have changed the knime.ini file from xmx512m to 1024m to 1250m all without success. I have also increased MaxPermSize to 400 without success too.

The only way I can get KNIME to load is to go into the workspace directory and rename the example workflow directory so KNIME cannot find it on bootup.

I am on KNIME 2.5.2 with all the nightly updates.

Any ideas?


Hello Simon,

thanks for the hint. I will have a look into the network reader node if it has some memory issues.


Hello Simon,

the problem is not memory related but a general performance issue that was introduced with the last version of the network plugin. This will be fixed in the next version of the network plugin which will be released with the next KNIME release.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


Thanks, that makes sense, I wasnt noticing this issue before the latest KNIME 2.5.2.