Network Mining Workflows


I am gradually working my way through the example workflows on Network Mining, which by the way are proving extremely useful in understanding how to use them.

However, I have got as far as the two SchoolsWiki workflows are the input source is unavailable. In the other workflows, the input data was embedded in the workflow, for the SchoolsWiki workflows, the data can not be found.

Here is the error;

ERROR LoadWorkflowRunnable Status: Error: Loading model settings failed: C:\DEVELOPMENT\KNIME Release\network_workspace\exampleFlows\01201001networkAnalysisSchoolsWiki\Network Reader (#1)\drop\schools_wikipedia_main_categories_directed.knet (The system cannot find the path specified)


Any ideas where I can get the data source


Hello Simon,
I'm happy that you like the example flows. The original sources are available via a flow variable that points to the node internal drop folder. The actual network reader has problems with this variable. The problem is fixed in the next version 2.5.2 which will be available soon. Once you have upgraded KNIME to 2.5.2 you should be able to execute the network reader using the internal drop folder.
If you are eager to try the nodes now you have to set the variable manually in configuration of the network reader node as follows:
1.    open the configuration dialog of the network reader
2.    select any .knet file which is available on your hard disc by pressing the Browse... button (this path will be overridden by the variable value but it needs to be a valid file path)
3.    go to the Flow Variables tab
4.    Select the entry "knime.node(drop) schools_wiki" entry from the fileName select box
5.    If you switch back to the Options tab you should see the following message: "The fileName parameter is controlled by a variable."
6.    Close the dialog and execute the node

Brilliant, thats worked perfectly, I'll now spend some time working my way through these two SchoolsWiki workflows :-)


Many thanks,