Network Viewer Chemistry Support


Thanks for these Network Mining nodes which are proving to be most useful.

However, it would be nice to incorporate some chemistry functionality into this.

If the node labels are represented as a Smiles string, is it possible to get the Network Viewer to render the Smiles strings as structures instead of as Smiles strings.

This would be very powerful and useful for chemistry utilisation.




Hi Simon,

the next feature release of the network plugin, which will be released with KNIME 2.6, will provide a new extension point which allows the attaching of SDF but also PNG and SVG cells to any network object e.g. vertices. The network viewer node will be also much more sophisticated. Among others it will allow the user to choose any feature value e.g. SDF, PNG or SVG to be used as the vertex icon. This combination will allow you to have the chemical structure of a vertex displayed in the network viewer.