Network Viewer - show interactive feature table in node view


using the node Network Viewer I'm able to visualize a network graph; but if I select the option "Show interactive feature table in node view" in the  Network Viewer  and then I go to "Network View", I right click, I press "Mouse Mode"  "Picking" and I select one ore more nodes I'm not able to see any table with the detail of the selection.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance


it seems with switching to Java 8 the table isn't displayed correctly. The interactive table view is "hidden" to the right side of the view. You can open the table view moving the mouse pointer to the right border and while holding the left mouse button dragging the border to the left. I have also attached a gif that demonstrates the usage of the interactive table. I will open a bug for this to have the table displayed in the view when the option is enabled.



Many thanks Tobias. Do you know if it is possible to export the "interactive feature table" to a csv or excel file? 

Thank you in advance

Hello iiiaaa,

I don't think so, but you could generate the feature table you want by filtering and analyzing the network with the Mining/Filtering nodes of the Network Mining Plugin.