Network Writer question

The documentation for the Network Writer node states that “Writes the given Network to a file. The used file extension specifies the format that is used.”

As far as I can tell the ‘used file extension’ is limited to knet, beef, or which would be simple to document. Can someone confirm if this is or is not the case?

If it is the case. can anyone give some guidance of getting a network constructed in KNIME out to a file for use in a tool such as Gephi which supports a range of file formats.

Hi @acommons,

yes, the export / file format of the Network Writer is limited to these formats. Alternatively you can also extract the node and edge table with the appropriate nodes and write these tables as csv, if you like a more generic format.

In the list of supported formats of Gephi I see also csv. You can use the File Reader node to read a csv file. Then create an empty network and add nodes and edges with the Object Inserter node of the Network plugin. This is usually the most generic way to create a new network.

Cheers, Kilian

Thanks Kilian,
Maybe add an extra 4 words to the documentation to make that clear?