Neural Network for Sales Forecasting

Dear KNIME Community,

I am currently analyzing the use of a neural network (MLP) for sales forecasting of industrial goods. Since there is a strong correlation of these industrial goods with commodity prices (e.g. copper, oil, gold, etc.), I want to choose a regression approach for predicting future sales, not a timeseries approach.

I have just discovered KNIME and I am wondering if this software could be used for my project.

Since I am a complete beginner with this platform…Do you have any recommendations on which example workflows or tutorials I should focus in the first step?

You support is highly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi @nicolai welcome to KNIME and to the forum. Chapter 6 of Kathrin Melcher and
Rosaria Silipo’s book:Codeless Deep Learning with KNIME is great on explaining how to build DeepLearning models for Deamnd Prediction. The example workflows worked on the book can be found on: kathrin/Codeless Deep Learning with KNIME – KNIME Hub. I strongly suggest you to work through the book, it is a pleasure to read!. :smiley:


@iperez thank you for the welcome and thank you for the recommended book. I will have a look on that!

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