Neural Network - PNN predictor


I am trying to score my data-set with the PNN predictor, however I can seem to join this with my data-set, it comew with a error message. Can someone help why this join is not working?

I have connected the PNN learner (Green connector) to the PNN predictor and the partioning node to the PNN predictor, comes out with an error in the PNN predictor?

Your help is much appreciated. If someone has created a sample workflow with sample data it would be much appreciated.

I have checked the error message and its says ’ Duplicate column name ‘x’ at positions 2 and 5 in the PNN predictor? How can I fix this?


Hi nijojo,
It seems that your test data contains at least on column that has the same name as generated by the PNN Predictor. The “Winner” column name can be changed in the dialog. By default this node also produces class probabilities for each target column values. You can switch off this option also in the dialog; to see if this caused the problem. However, I will open a bug to have a better error message reported.
Regards, Thomas


I have removed tick for the class probabilities, and the error is removed. However, when I view the results, the winner column is ‘?’

Should this not be a predicted result? I am trying to predict income, based on idenpendent variables age, weight, height, number of children. All variables are numerical.
Please help!

Hi Nijojo, I have created and attached an PNN Learner/Predictor example that shows how to used those nodes on the adult dataset. I you want me to have look to your flow, please drop me a line.
Thanks, Thomas

Thanks Thomas! You have been very helpful. I will have a look at the example, and hopefully will resolve my issue.

Thanks again.

Hi Thomas, I tried to download the attached however there seems to be an issue to download. Can you please re-upload?


Hi Sorry I was able to download. Please disregard previous message. Thanks.


Hi Thomas,

Can you please direct me where I can obtain the above file for the sample flow? I downloaded the benchmark data-sets, however could not find the data file above.

Sure, you can download the adult data here.
Best, Thomas


Does anyone know why the adult data set has no headers. I've tried downloading the data set straight from the site as shown in the Beginner's Luck book however it did not work so I had to download the data set to my local drive then import the file from there - without the headers.

Thanks in advance





maybe it would be a better idea that you upload your workflow, that we can have a look and see whats wrong. or you upload 4 screenshots: 1. configuration view /2. worflow view 3. training data table 4. other data to predict from


post the links here and I'll have a look

hi all,

         I want to know which nodes are need to be used for prediction using backpropagation algorithm.

please help me

hi gabriel,

           Can u please send me the PNN Learner/Predictor Example. please help me

There's "RProp MLP Learner" and a corresponding predictor in Analytics -> Mining -> Neural Network -> MLP.