New 3.6 DB Nodes (preview) - some observations

Some feedback from the first impressions:

  • when configuring DB Query and similar nodes, the application freezes on Apply or OK for some noticeable time, up to 30 sec or so. I believe the node compiles and tests the code againts DBMS, which is fine, but it would be nice to have some kind of visual indicator to show that the node is doing that, rather than just freeze the UI.
  • is there a plan to have a DB Rename node? It is available in the old set, and I use it a lot
  • syntax highlighting is great, but it looks like there is no highlighting for some standard SQL functions, i.g. CAST, which would be nice

Hi Dimitri,

thanks again for this fruitful feedback! We’ll address this in the further development of the DB nodes.


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