New binary (dummy) columns from a code list

The New_Vars workflow in knime://My-KNIME-Hub/Users/bob_nisbet/Public/New_Vars.knwf does not work, and I don’t understand why it failed.
I want to add a binary (dummy) column to the 10-row_Data table based on a string search in condition_code_list for each of 10 codes in the 10_row_Codes table as configured the Column Expressions node. The output table should contain 10 new binary columns, one for each of condition codes in the 10-rows_Codes.table. The New_Vars workflow and input tables are in the bob_nisbet/Public folder on the Hub.
Can anyone help with this task?

Hello @Bob_Nisbet,

The WF go wrong because after the iteration, the number of columns doesn’t match. Indeed, the number of columns at the end back to the start is different. To clear this issue, you just have to activate this option in the “Recursive Loop End” node :

In my opinion, it is not an issue to collect the data from the last iteration (in the loop) only because your WF already add a new column with your “expression”.



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