New Dated Column Every Day


I am looking to try to add a new dated column every day. Long story short, I am tracking the number of objects at sites every day. So basically:

Site X: 5 bags on 2/28, 4 on 2/27, 6 on 2/26
Site Y: 4 bags on 2/28, 6 on 2/27, 1 on 2/26

Etc. etc. etc.

I have created the flow to read from the excel file, and create a new column with the date at the top. Then I group all the bags by what site their at (do a “countif” function using GroupBy. So I am able to create a new counted column every day.

The difficulty I’m coming across is 2 fold: 1) I read the previous day’s file in, and it doesn’t pull in the column that was created yesterday.

  1. I need to be able to put the current day’s column between Planned Pool and the same date.

My current flow has an Excel Reader at the beginning that reads in the first data (all columns that are before the first date column), then it creates the new column and enters the data in it, joins it with the starting data, then another excel reader that pulls in everything after the Planned Pool and joins it to the back. It works great day 1, but won’t read any new columns after that.

Have you tried incorporate Column Resorter node for sorting, CreateDateTime Range for the date column in your workflow?

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