New DB nodes: Trying to open the menu of a new DB node while another node performs a query block KNIME


first, thx for the new DB nodes (KNIME Labs) you provided - they are much faster and easer to handle!

However, I encountered the problem, that trying top open the menu of a DB node (e.q. ‘DB Query Reader’) while another DB node (e.g. another ‘DB query Reader’) is running freezes the UI of KNIME. When the ‘running’ node is finished (green status) the menu opens and all is fine again.

I’m using KNIME 3.6.1 with all free extensions on a WIN 10 Prof machine. A simple WF for reproducing this behaviour is…

  • 1 DB Connector C connected with 2 DB Query Reader (R1, R2)
  • C is configured to access Oracle
  • R1 contains a long running query (~5 min) which is started
  • Trying to open the menu for R2 (double click) - while R1 is executing - freezes KNIME
  • After 5min, when R1 has finished, the menu of R2 is shown and KNIME is usable again.


Hi Erich,
thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. We have also encountered this issue and will fix it with the next version of the new DB framework which will be release in December.
We would be very interested to know if you have encountered any other problems or usage suggestions.