New DB Nodes

I’m wandering will current DB Reader/Writer function the same way? I mean combine 2 functions: connection and SQL execution. My understanding that it should be replaced with 2 or 3 new nodes creating “nice” cluttering in place of clear view.
If I’m right?

in the new framework the reader and writer will have a mandatory DB connection input port. Also the DB Writer will not create a table if it is missing in the DB but will fail with a table does not exist error message. We are aware that this increases the number of nodes that are required. There are several reasons for this. The connection handling for example has changed drastically. Instead of having a single connection that is cached every DB Connector node creates and manages its own connection. This way you can open as many connections to a database as you like for parallel processing and the connection management is more transparent e.g. when the DB Connector node is reset the connection to the DB is closed. The DB Insert node no longer allows to create a new db table since this functionality is now provided by the new DB Table Creator node which has more functionality e.g. indices creation and is as we hope more user friendly e.g. bulk changing of a column type.
We hope you still like the new framework better then the old one and appreciate your feedback. By the way if the cluttering gets to much you can always combine several nodes into a Wrapped Metanode via the context menu and even expose some settings using the Quickform nodes :slight_smile:


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