New Excel reader does not support formatted datatypes?

ImportUnitProblem.knwf (136.6 KB)
ExampleUnits.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Hi everyone,
I am relatively new to knime and i need to import an excel sheet to my workflow. The table contains my companies inventory stockpile. I used an older workflow to import Data and i wanted to change some parts, including the excel reader. Unfortunately i noticed with the new reader (the old one was deprecated) the units added to the data via excel formatting are not imported. With the old reader they were. Maybe there is a setting to change, which i am missing? Or does anybody have a different idea?

Hi @TimD -

Welcome to the forum and thanks for both the example workflow and sample data. We’re still investigating, but it’s possible you have identified a bug here - we’ll provide an update when we know more. Thanks!

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Alright, until then the deprecated reader will work. Thank you for the information.


Update: this is a bug, and a ticket had been filed for it (AP-20062). Thanks for reporting!


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