New feature request - DB Query Reader Node - Show Number of Rows Fetching


For the DB Query Reader node would it be possible to show the number of rows being fetched real-time in the Node Monitor as a possible future feature? This would be very useful for large queries where we can make sure the query is in fact executing good and it’s just taking a while to return all the rows. Also, in instances where the SQL is not optimized/having issues, if the Node Monitor showed the number of rows being fetched in real-time, we would be able to see that the DB Query Reader node has been executing for a while, though perhaps no rows have been returned yet. This would let us know we should look at our SQL, rather than keep waiting and not wanting to cancel the node as we’re not sure if it’s actually returning rows or not.

the node shows the number of returned rows as tool tip when you hover over the traffic light with the mouse pointer.
Currently the node monitor does not support live data view but I will create a feature request for it.


Thanks @tobias.koetter - this is great. I didn’t know about the tool tip before.

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