New Feature Request: Flow Variable Naming

This is a long standing bugbear,


Flow variable names very rarely match the label in the dialogue box.

The example below is the JavaScript Histogram node. The first image is the dialogue box (data entry tab); the second image is the tab showing the flow variables.

Quick quiz: Which flow variable sets the Histogram Column? answer after the images

Answer: The cat flow variable sets the Histogram Column name.

This is not obvious, and there are many instances over many nodes where the flow variables have names which bear little to no resemblance to the labels in the dialogue boxes.

Desired Behaviour

There are two potential approaches:

  1. Update the flow variable names in the flow variable tab so that they match the labels in the dialogue box.
  2. Add a tooltip to the flow variable names that shows the dialogue box label when hovering over the variable name.

It may seem like a small thing, but seems to be getting worse over time.

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Hello @DiaAzul,
Thank you for bringing this up. It is indeed a commonly requested feature.
I reported internally your suggestions (internal reference AP-19963) and will keep you posted.



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