New Mac Pro as Knime “Server”


Currently I am using Threadripper Pro Workstation with 512 GB of RAM. It’s dedicated to Knime running a local MYSQL with a NVME raid to run around 60 workflows all time time… a lot of it is calling APIs, downloading millions of JSONs parsing them, analyzing them and storing them. Another large part is Selenium scraping as well as Text analysis

So lots of file read and write, parsing and math and some analysis.

I am not a windows fan and really like the New Mac Pro Rackmount.

My question is, how well can knime leverage the SOC system on the new Mac Pro. Is it more reliable vs Win? Can i overcome the small ram issue by having fast NVME raids to store temp data?

If budget was less of a question but speed and reliability are key. What’s the better setup?

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Hate to do that, but it’s a big purchase. What OS/Platform is best suited for that!


I running KNIME (same workflows) on Windows and Apple OSX ARM and (my practice opinion) KNIME on ARM CPU is faster, that Intel/AMD CPU.


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