New Maths node request

In workflows I often find myself stringing so many Maths nodes together, and there must surely be a more efficient way of doing things with a NEW Maths node.

In the life sciences (i.e. Pharma) there are often assays which need converting from Ki/IC50's into pKi/pIC50's (= - log value). This can result in a multitude of these Maths nodes strung together to generate this. There are other similar calculations which are required on a multitude of columns.

It would be much simpler if there was a Maths node which mimicked the existing one, but in the formula expression box, you simply specified a column tag, rather than an actual column. Then there is a column selection box where you can specify which columns you want the Maths Expression applied too.

You can then choose to either Replace the values in the existing columns or to append new columns with a user specified suffix.

Any thoughts,


Is there any possibility of this type of node to make workflow generations easier. I have since been asked a couple of times if there was an easier way than stringing numerous Mathis nodes together.

Hi Simon,

you can use the column loop start and loop end(column Append) for this job.

There are inside the loop than two problems. First, the name of the "value" column. This can be handled with the extract and insert column header node.

Second, all columns you don't want to "mathen" have to be joined to the main table afterwards again. If you (like in the attached sample workflow) just insert it.. .the columns are duplicated in each run...


Cheers, Iris

PS: in my mind, this is way better, than any additional math node can provide :-)