New Node "Project Dependencies"


I am trying to use Jzy3d to visualize my data. Jzy3d uses JOGL which I installed successfully using this tutorial: In this tutorial I am using a project to include JOGL using project dependencies. I got Jzy3d working using Eclipse, but if I use the same method to include the JOGL libaries in the KNIME SDK it does not work. Apparently the SDK does not recognize the project dependencies. Is there something i have to do to use these dependencies while creating a new node?

It works if I manually include the packages of JOGL and Jzy3d, but then while exporting the project into a node, these inclusions are lost.


Hi Kai,

For JOGL I can help. I have also written some nodes using JOGL and wrapped it into a knime extension. You can download it from:

(The link is not permanent. I will occasionally replace or remove the file.)

I hope this helps.