New Nodes from stanage

Dear All,

Just to let you know, I have written a few more nodes for KNIME. Once I have tested them fully, I will upload onto Nodes4KNIME (also waiting on access to nodes4Knime);

Inline Oracle Database query node: Pass row variables into Oracle SQL SELECT statement to return values back from an Oracle 9i/10g database

RegexRowFilter: Filter rows on user entered regex expression, splitting output into two streams (+ve output (contains search expression), -ve output (does not contain search expression)).

String Extractor Node: Node to allow extraction of strings from input.

RowCompare: Node to compare two input streams, and return two output streams ((+ve output (contains matching row), -ve output (does not contain matching row)).

Anyhow, as soon as I have access to Nodes4Knime, I will make these available. No warrenty is inferred from these nodes, and they are definitely use at own risk. Also, I am pretty busy, so support will be limited.


If anyone wants to post nodes to the nodes4knime project you only need to do the following:
Create a sourceforge account (optional if you are making a one off submission)
Contact me and we can discuss the best category and your level of commitment

Nodes4Knime was set up to provide a place to share nodes and example node source code. Its also a place to post related project work.
For example we've developed a compute server which supports deployment of computationally expensive operations across a cluster of machines. It makes use of a web services interface and a simple queuing system. There are example nodes to base your own nodes from.
Its designed to provide a 'cheap and cheerful' way of hooking a variety of remote executables into knime with a minimum of effort.

We aim to create seperate areas in nodes4knime so that we can indicate the level of commitment, testing and support provided for each node. In general this is designed to be a community supported resource providing access to nodes.

Interested in posting or have some nodes to share?
Contact us: