New objects to draw and to comment data flows


If we make a comparison with functionnalities found in other tools like ETL, it would be great to have some simple objects (rectangle, circle and text) to comment and to group components of data flows.

Then complex data flows would be understood more quickly ?

Hi Christo,

KNIME currently provides two things to document/structure your flow
1) From the context menu of each node you can set a node name and description. The name is displayed above the status traffic light, the description pops up as tooltip if the cursor is over the name.
2) The Meta nodes. They allow you to define subflows and hide them in a node. They are limited to a fixed number of in/outputs, but help a great deal structuring complex flows.

Maybe these things help - are you sure adding more lines, text and objects to the flow would clarify the picture?

- Peter.

Hi cchristo,

ETL itself is a group of tools. Which one do you mean? Is there a free available one?



roadrunner: About ETL (extract-transformation-loading) tools: there is Kettle et Talend that are free and good to use (but less powerful tant tools like informatica or datastage).
For Kettle : have a look on the site of the project Pentaho
for Talend

Peter: Many thaks for the link about "Meta nodes". It seems to be a very interesting way to simplify data flow (and to reuse components ?)


It seems KNIME has some overlap with ETL tools. What is it that ETL tools (like Kettle or Talend) can do that KNIME cannot?
Thanks, David

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