new Question,please help me

I get a error message:
Execute failed: Java heap space

You may try the search function of this forum. There are already some answers to this problem. If it still does not work - please post again.



I am new at using KNIME, and I am already a big fan of the program.

There is a anoying error message that keeps popping up. When executing the "Decision Tree Learner’ no problems occur but when executing the “Decision Tree Predictor” the following error message appears:

Unable to clone input data at port 0: java.lang.NullPointerException

Does anyone have a solution for this?


I get a similar error. Did you guys find a solution for the same? If so, can you please share? What is being cloned here first of all.

This is the error i get :

ERROR     Decision Tree Predictor            Unable to clone input data at port 1 (Decision Tree Model): java.lang.RuntimeException: Parsing of PMML v 3.x/4.0 document failed.