New quickform nodes do not display when executin in webportal

I am having trouble getting the new Quickform nodes to work with KNIME 3.1.2 and Server 4.2.5: I created a test workflow that contains a metanode with a "file upload" and a "boolean input" Quickform. Then I wrapped the metanode (as far as I understand this is necessary to make the new quickforms work). (See attached workflow)

As expected, the config page of the wrapped node now contains settings to modify the defaults of the contained Quickform nodes.

Unfortunately, executing the workflow either

a) locally in KNIME desktop with "Quick Form Execution" or

b) deployed on the server, using the web portal

no input files for the quickform nodes are displayed and the workflow is simplay executed with the defaults configured at design time.

I doublechecked that the nodes were reset before deploying the workflow on the server.

Am I missing someting?


I had a look at your workflow and can provide a couple of pointers for your setup.

First, the local "Quick Form Execution" is not available for wrapped metanodes and the new Quickforms/JavaScript views. It only works with the legacy Quickforms and regular metanodes. We have this item on our roadmap, though.

If you want to check, if a page can be displayed on the WebPortal, you can simply execute the wrapped metanode. If that fails, also the corresponding components (Quickforms) can not be displayed. In your case the node failed, because the File Upload was set up to fail, if the default file was not found. Since it was connected to the Boolean Input, this node could also not be displayed.

My suggestion for your use case is: have the two Quickforms in the wrapped metanode with no flow variable connections going in. Then set the File Upload to disable the output, if the file does not exist (this way the execution won't fail) and then use a 'Merge Variables' node before the Variable To Table Row to combine them.

You can find this solution in the attached workflow.

Hope this helps,



Thanks a lot!