New Release of the RDKit nodes

Dear all,

We have just released a new version of the RDKit nodes for KNIME v3.6.

The changes in this release are primarily bug fixes and backend changes. Here’s a partial list of the changes\ (I’ll try and get better about generating release notes in the future):

  • The RDKit binaries have been updated to v2018.08.3
  • Radius 0 Morgan fingerprints are now supported
  • Molecule renderings should look a bit better (we’re continuing to work on this)

I’ve done something somewhat dangerous by doing a software release just before I leave on vacation (I will be out for a couple of weeks start tomorrow), but since there haven’t been any problem reports about the nightly builds, I’m going to remain optimistic that this won’t be a problem. :wink:


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Thanks Greg. We have now updated the v3.6 build of the Vernalis nodes to v1.17.3 to match this update. If you update RDKit, please also update Vernalis! See Update to v 1.17.3 (v 3.6 Stable Build) - Required for RDKit update for details.


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