New SQL Server Connection node (4.0.1) and AD SSO...


We use “integratedsecurity=true;” in the legacy nodes to connect using SSO to our SQL Server databases. I have tried configuring the new 4.0.1 node to do this, but neither the kerberos nor the JDBC parameters seem to work. I imagine the driver was updated so the parameter may no longer be correct. Can someone help with the proper way to configure a workflow to use the current logged in user for access?

Again this is new for 4.0.1, it is not the legacy config as we have that working.


Hi there @MediaVet,

have you managed to figure it out? If not what driver are you using? Also are you defining this parameter under JDBC Parameters tab of connector node?


Yes, sorry for the delayed reply. I had email notifications off and didn’t realize I had a reply. Yes, we did figure out how to use the JDBC Parameter for this. I was making a syntax error based on the old way to do this.

Thanks for asking!

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Glad to hear that :wink: