New User - Sorting Nodes?

I’m a new user migrating to KNIME from Alteryx. I’m working on my first workflow, but running into difficulties with the sorting of nodes in the repository. How can I sort the nodes alphabetically?

The nodes are somewhat chaotic: I can’t discern how they are sorted, which is making it challenging to find anything. There are some older posts here which say that the nodes should be sorted alphabetically by default, but that is definitely not the case.

I have not made any changes to default sorting. I don’t even know how to.

Example: in the Analytics category Statistics comes first. Decision Tree Predictor comes before Decision Tree Learner. It’s pure chaos.

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Hi @indigochild and welcome to the KNIME Forum.

Thank you for your feedback about the node repository and the alphabetical order.

As a suggestion, I will recommend you to use the search bar as we believe it is easier to find the correct node.

You can also configure the node view between icons and list:

In addition, after dragging the output of a node you will find suggestions from the community as to which nodes make the most sense after it.

And last but not least, you can use the KNIME AI Assistant. E.g, with the question: “How I can read an excel file and filter the rows from a country” you will receive something like that:


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