Newbie. Any step by step tutorial on R Integration with KNIME

Hi guys, 

I am very very new here. i am having difficulty finding a step by step guideline on how to implement R Integration with KNIME. 

Also, i would like to knwo more about how to create predictive model using KNIME.



Hi Jim,

most of the nodes you need to work with R within KNIME can be found under Scripting --> R. The R Snippet is typically one of the most widely used.

Here is how it works in simple terms:

  • As you pass a KNIME table as input to the R snippet node, it is converted to an R data frame named
  • You can manipulate such data frame within the R snippet node to produce your intended output.
  • Finally you assign the output to the data frame called knime.out. This will be converted back to a KNIME table and produced as output from the R snippet node.

Regarding Predictive Modeling in KNIME, you have plenty of options, including doing it with R (Scripting --> R Learner and R Predictor) or with many of the other available nodes under Analytics and Knime Labs. You may want to share which use cases you are looking at to get more precise suggestions.




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