No connection from my client to a local KNIME-Server


I have installed the Knime-Server 3.9 according to the instructions of the PDF-Guide on a Ubuntu 14.04 via a VPN connection.

If I am now trying now to connect to the Server via the Knime-Explorer, the message "Could not connect to the server" is shown. Also if I am logging in to the webportal via my browser (Chrome and Internet Explorer) I can only see the word "Workflow Repository" in the left menu and at the right the logout button.

Could someone help me?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Christian,

The problem is likely due to some network related problem either in the configuration of your IIOP listeners or with your /etc/hosts file. One way to possibly get around the later problem would be to try directly connecting to your local IP address. Moving this post to the Server area just to keep things tidy.