No connection to MS Access Database

Tobias, in KNIME 3.5 I cannot register Ucanaccess driver. In previous version it worked fine.

Please, advice.


Hi guys

I just tried with knime 3.5 64bit

I add the jar files in options but the db connector node doesn't see them...

Try to put Jar files also in separate folder and set this folder as driver source.

Hi All,

I´m having the same situation after update for 3.5

I already did the step by step in the preferences, but still no working.




if you have troubles connecting to a MS Access database have a look at the following post:



In Knime 3.4 everything works well and after update for 3.5 , the driver is not instaling.

If you are facing issue to set up connection with your Access database then behind this there can be several reasons. As Access database connectivity issue is rendered in many circumstances. I have a post which has listed down all those commonly encountered unable to connect Access database issues along with its fixes.

So, check it out the post and try the manual solution mentioned in it.
How To Fix “Unable To Connect To Access Database” Error?

HI tobias,

the database documentation is not even available, could you share it?
thank you.


Hi Simone,
you can find the database documentation at
With the new database framework that was introduced with KNIME 4.0 we also have a dedicated Microsoft Access Connector node that comes with all necessary drivers to open MS Access databases.