No connection to update server

I have freshly installed KNIME full 64bit. When I start KNIME, in the Explorer window KNIME trys to load the examples but fails and tells, I should login to access server, but when I try to login, it starts trying to login without asking any login parameters, and it fails.

Further the error log windows continuously fills up with failed connection messages.

When I rund my first workspace example I get additional error messages with java exception and messages like "child is not a figure" that's when I tried the View:Image Viewer function from the context menu.

SInce I start with KNIME, I am bit confused. We have a firewall and I can tell my Admin to have exceptions for websites, but I am not sure if this is the source of the problems.

Regards, gerhard


Looks like it has been solved with a special proxy, which allows me to pass the firewall.

Hi Gerhard,

sorry to hear you had problems.

Just to have this noted here, you don't need connection details as those are hard coded in the installation..

Best regards, Iris