No simple text viewer?

One of the nodes I use puts the log for a calculation it does as an entry in the data table. The log is simple unformatted fixed-width text, and can be 500 lines long. There is currently no sensible way to view this in KNIME - the data table view lets you view the first hundred lines or so at best, but you are limited by having to manually resize the column height. The document viewer nodes assume HTML input and so word-wrap the text, which makes it illegible.

Am I missing something?

Hi Mark,

If I understand you correctly, you are only interested in viewing the data? One thing you could try is to write your data to a temp file (use Create Temp Dir node and CSV Writer). Next, use a Line Reader node to read the data back in. The resulting data table should have one row for each line of data. Is this something you could work with?