No support of Apache Paquet Table Store after Update to 4.2.1

I just updated my KNIME-Desktop-Version vom 4.2.0 to 4.2.1. Now my Workflows won’t load, because of missing extension “Parquet Table Store Format”. I installed the missing extension successfully but it still not work?! “Parquet Table Store Format” is shown under installed Software, but there is no correspondig Dialog under KNIME Preferences anymore. Can anybody help?

Does it help if you launch it with “-clean” appended to the commandline or added to the knime.ini? (If it indeed helps then it will be sufficient to do this once only.)

I know about the -clean Option and i testest it before my post. I’m sorry but it didn’t help. Today i found a solution: removed all installed packaged related to Apache Parquet: help -> install new software -> already installed. Afterward i started KNIME one with -clean Option and a second time without -clean Option. I continued installing “KNIME Column Store (based on Apache Parquet)” package once more an restarted KNIME. Now it works.


Thanks for sharing the “solution”. It’s a bit of a mystery and once someone finds a pattern here we can file a ticket and take a closer look.