Node Adjacency Matrix - Potential deadlock


using the node Adjacency Matrix with 500.000 nodes and 500.000 edges I receive a "Potential deadlock in SWT Display tread detected" error and a "Potential deadlock in AWT Event Queue detected" error and then everything is freezed. I reduced the number of parallel processes to 1 and cliccked the option "Write table to disk" but I have the same problem (I also without the "sort" option). I have 32 Giga of RAM and the node use up to 27 Giga.

Is there a way to avoid this problem? Why does knime use a lot of memory even with the option "Write table to disk"? 

Thank you in advance.



can you try it again with "Maximum number of parallel processes" set to 1? Couldn't you use another more space saving format for what you want to do? Such as an edge list. Creating an adjacency matrix for such a graph is very expensive and the matrix is very sparse with only 0.0002% of ones.



Hello Tobias,

thanks for your answer. I have already tried with "Maximum number of parallel processes" set to 1 but the RAM memory used by knime goes up to 27 Giga and then everithing freezes. I was wondering how this is possible with the option "Write table to disk"... Maybe the node is not optimized to leave the memory free after a partial calculation.  



P.S. The Node Adjacency Matrix is usefull to do a Hierarchical Clustering (that's why I wanted to use it).