Node behaving differently depending on the input node despite identical incoming tables.

Hello there,

I have made a couple nodes that are used for clustering, and a node which builds an image based on the cluster values in the column, similar to how the k-means node work.

Basically, If i connect the visualizer node to the k-means node in the node repository, the visualizer node that i built works perfectly, and the image comes out as expected.
However, if i connect it to some of the clustering nodes that i created, despite the output being the same as the k-means node. The image node displays incorrect values.

Is it ever possible that nodes can cause issues with nodes down the line in the workflow, even when output tables are the same?

Sorry for the weird question. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:
Cheers, P

Are you sure the tables are truly the same? You can test that with the table difference checker.

Are you able to share the code of your nodes with us? Then I might be able to take a closer look at the implementation.