Node creating


Hi all,

I am new to knime,I am creating a meta node,My node in built wil invoke csvreader to read a file after reading wil perform some calulations and wil write in a file.All the above three thing wil be done by my single node.

In the first step i am able to create csvreader but i am not able to cal execute method it says type is invisble can any one help




        s = new URL("c:\\ar\\1.csv");
    catch(Exception e)
    logger.error("error caught in url reading");
final NodeCreationContext c = new NodeCreationContext(s);
i have  pasted code here can anyone tell me it is right or wrong.
Regards Archanaa

Hi Archanaa,

As I remember there is no coding required to register meta nodes. (I do not mean the regular nodes with meta kind/nodetype, but the ones which appear as subworkflows.)

(There is/was an extension point for meta nodes, where you can specify the zip file if I recall well.)

Are you sure, you want to use the node creation context and not the node-factory for example if you go on the coding path?

(I think the error message for the exception catch block is quite misleading yet, as you have not yet read from the URL yet.)

Cheers, gabor

Hi ,

Ya thanks for the explanation, catch block i will change,can you brief me a bit in Node Creation context  and not the node factory i didnt get that point.


As r is a CSVREaderNodefactory which i have used for creating node



Sorry, I am afraid cannot help with coding meta node functionality, I have never done that things like that. (I remember seen similar things in hcdc, but do not know where was it.)

This thread might be useful if you decide to go on with the meta node path not the node.

Cheers, gabor