Node: Date&Time to String - Help


I’m using the ‘Date&Time to String’ node to change the formats of some dates, though when changing the format the year appears to increment by 1. Below is the sample data i’m using and the settings. Do these settings look correct?


I just checked it in v 4.1 on Win10 . It perfectly works.
What version and Operating system are you?


Ahh, might have just figured it out… If i type year in caps, i.e, MM-dd-YYYY, the year seems to round up. Though, if i type year in lowercase, MM-dd-yyyy, the year stays the same. I’m not too familiar with this node; is that working as per normal function?

Edit: looking up java SimpleDateFormat shows there is a difference between y lower case and upper case; learned something new :slight_smile:


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