Node Dbconnect: Can I use a List to provide many "URL database (connection string)"?

Hi All!
I need to connect in some similar servers (the same DBMS and database) and run the same query… Instead of create a node to each server, can I provide a csv with the connections strings and the dbconnect node use it?

Hi All! Thanks, I could resolve it with loop knode + variable…see below:


  • “StringdeConexao” is a collumn on the excel file, that contains the connectionString.

Hi there @ronniejsantos,

glad you figured it out. From you picture I have noticed you don’t have the newest KNIME version and that you are using old database nodes. I recommend updating KNIME to 4.0.0. and using new DB nodes. You will find there a dedicated Oracle connector as well :wink:


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