Node for merging multiple files (3+)

currently I am merging 2 files from different proteomics search engines using the “Community Nodes -> GenericKnimeNodes -> Flow -> FileMerger”.
I want to use more search engines to optimize the results for a complicated analysis.
Is there any node/ elegant strategy to merge multiple files (ideally ~5)?
Best, Robert

Hi @robert-winkler -

It’s not elegant, but perhaps you could string together a series of FileMerger nodes to do this? Here’s a dummy example:


If you wanted something more sophisticated, perhaps this example workflow is worth a look as a starting point. It uses a ZipLoopStart node after reading in a list of files, and is performing a merge within the meta node:

I built a workflow that uses the following

  • 4 CSV files that all have a common ID and different Variables
  • we want to iterate over them and (left) join them all together by the ID in a loop
  • I use the SQLite database format so it could easily be switched out by any other database.

hint: first the CSV files are created from an Excel file.

kn_example_csv_sqlite_loop_join_csv.knwf (150.9 KB)