Node: image to table how to add an ID Column



Is it possible to add an id column when using the image to table node.


My problem is, that i want to import user avatar pictures to a database an then matching tzhem to the user information which is stored in the database.



How about the Row ID node. That usually works for me.

my fault I was not very precise - sorry


I have a source with id-1, information, images

now I plan to use the image to table node to extract the images and then write them to a database where other information are stored with the id-1

the problem with the image to table node is, that it accepzt only one row

now my problem is that the images are in the db, but i can not match image xy to user z, because I do not habe id-1 to identify the image




Hello neko,

The Image To Table node allows you to input the ID via a Flow Variable.

Also you could loop over your table and just use the Column Appender.

The problem is that is really hard to understand your problem. Could you give a Column Spec of your data that you have, and that of the data you want to push to the DB? Or even better an workflow and data sample?


User the Joiner then, to join the tabel with images and the id-1 from the original source.

Hello Ferry


for a study I have to grab Twitter Tweets and store them in a temporary tabe (table writer node)

then I write the whole content of the temp table to a mysql DB

as a new task I wanted the user images stored in the mysql db and to match them with their user

you mentioned the flow variables

- can they help my with my problem?






Hey neko,

That sounds great!

How do you get these images into KNIME? How is the ID of the image accessible? I guess your problem is that it is there in some node but once you transfer your image through the workflow some node drops it and you need to get it back in.

Flow Variables are one of the more advanced concepts in KNIME. Have a look at the wiki-page or the KNIME Youtube channel to learn more about it.


Hello Luuklag


If I use the "table to image" node, there is only one column with the images - the node does not accept more columns.

How can I match the id-1 from the source table with the image table?

Hello ferry


Thanks for the links - if I find a solution it will be posted :)