Node KNN not resetable


I'm trying to run the KNN node between the X-Partitioner and X-Aggregator. It's running but the following warning message appers: 
"WorkflowManager Node K Nearest Neighbor 0:0:3 not resetable during loop run, it is IDLE"
I think there is a problem because the accuracy is 100% and we expect a maximum of 90%. Could you please advice me what I must do?
Is there a way to establish or know what is the size of the training & test files in KNN node? 
Really appreciate you help,

IDLE means that the node is not yellow but red, i.e. something is wrong with its configuration. There should a red error message in the console log and/or an error sign on the node.

A node can only be reset if it is currently not executing. If this node is part of an executing loop, the loop need to be canceled before the node can be reset, but in this case it will anyway stop its execution and not being executed.

Thank you very much.

There is no red error message :(

The node is a loop because is between the X-Partitioner and the X-Aggregator. Another idea?

Attached the workflow.