Node + moodle

hi i would like to make a node form to connect moodle web services. A moodle demo you can find :

I have no idea where to start, i have prepared eclipse and make some test how numberformatter.

Anyone can help me ??

Hi @casualTeam,

I think the best way for you would be to look at the moodle APIs which you need to connect to, which input data they require and then start with a minimal implementation in one or more nodes that model this.

A typical pattern used in KNIME is to have one Connector node (e.g. FTP Connection ) that collects the login information, which you then connect to the nodes that perform the data manipulation.

This might be overkill for you, I would start with a node that downloads some data from moodle and one that uploads data to it. That should give you plenty of ideas and practice for how to further evolve your extension.

In any case, always feel free to ask questions here.