Node "read File" freezes after I copied a valid URL

Hi all,

I'm trying to read a plain/text table returned generated by apache tomcat.

The URL looks like this: http://srv01.univ-nantes.priv:8080/context/samples.txt

I'm working behind a proxy but this server is in our intranet so I set up  (proxy bypass : "srv01.univ-nantes.priv" ) eclipe to ignore this host.

As a test, I wrote a simple java program to read this table with a = OK, no problem

But when I paste this URL in the "Read File" URL, the button nothing happens (no preview) and the interface/eclipse freezes.

Is it a known problem ? How can I fix it ?

Many thanks.


I don't know of any problem with the file reader reading from a URL. Could you try another address (like, for example)? Is the port 8080 blocked, maybe? But if you can open the stream on the exact same address, the file reader should be able to read from it, too. Can you copy the table into a file and read it from the file? (That would indicate that the URL is the problem and not the table/file content.)

 - Peter.

Thanks for your answer !

i've just find the solution: the proxy parameters were set on 'automatic' rather than on 'manual'

My problem is now fixed. Thanks !